FREE Swarovski Necklace Tutorial as seen in Make Jewellery

Catwalk Coral 2

Catwalk Coral Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Necklace

Straight off the catwalk! This fabulous chunky, funky design is up to date with big Coral pearls. Bold and bright, yet slightly vintage looking; this brand new colour pearl by CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements is bang on trend. Add some contrasting jet pendants and big links to complete this statement necklace. Use the same techniques to make complimentary earrings with matching hand-crafted ear wires too!

Round Nose Pliers
Snipe Nose Pliers
Nylon Jaw Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers
Flush Cutters

Materials for the necklace
75cms 0.8mm Copper Wire
1 x Large Copper Oval Clasp with Jump Rings
4 x Copper Wire Guardians
4 x Copper Crimps
4 x 4mm Copper Crimp Covers
3 x 12mm (outside dia.) Twisted Rose Gold Links
1 x 22mm Rose Gold Patterned Links
2 x 18mm Rose Gold Patterned Links
2 x 25x15mm Rose Gold Oval Links
3 x 8mm jump rings (made with 0.8mm wire)
2 x 30cms of 7 Strand 0.18” dia. Beadalon Satin Copper Flexible Jewellery Wire
CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements:
10 x 14mm Coral Pearls Article 5811
12 x 12mm Coral Pearls Article 5810
2 x 10mm Coral Pearls Article 5810
2 x 8mm Coral Pearls Article 5810
1 x 50mm Jet Baroque Pendant Article 6091 (alternative glass product)
1 x 28mm Jet Teardrop Pendant Article 6106
1 x 22mm Jet Cubist Pendant Article 6650
1 x 20mm Jet Square Ring Article 4439
1 x 20mm Jet Cross Pendant Article 6866


Step 1
Connect the links together to form the centre of the necklace, leaving one of the 12mm twisted jump rings to attach the Baroque pendant later. Always open rings/links with a twist motion to preserve the shape and tension.

Step 2
Thread the end of the Beadalon wire through a wire guardian and hook over the first link. Thread a crimp over both ends of the wire so it sits next to the wire guardian and squash the crimp firmly using the snipe nose pliers.

Step 3
Place a crimp cover into your snipe nose pliers, position over the crimp and gently close to cover. Thread on 5 x 14mm Pearls and 6 x 12mm Pearls. Attach to the jump ring on the Oval clasp using a wire guardian and finish as you did in Step 2.

Step 4
Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the other side of the necklace. Using 0.8mm Copper wire and your round nose pliers, coil a number of times around the widest part of the pliers to create a spring. Snip through the coil with the flush cutters to make your own jump rings.

Step 5
Attach the Cross, Cubist and Teardrop pendants to the links using your jump rings. Open one of the links and thread on the Square ring. Use the 12mm twisted rose gold link to attach the Baroque pendant in the centre.

Step 6
Make a small loop at one end of 0.8mm wire and thread on a pearl. Turn a large enough loop to fit over the links. Before wrapping, gently open and feed onto a link. Wrap the above the bead to complete. Trim excess wire. Add all the pearls in this way.

Tip! Use nylon jaw pliers to open the links. This stops them getting marked or scratched.